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CardioScale Ltd. Is an Israeli medical device company founded in 2012, focusing on early detection of cardiovascular hemodynamic deterioration. Shock, Sepsis, Trauma, ICU, pre\post-operation and chronic condition such as congestive heart-failure, can all be monitored by the patented CVRI™ index which indicates real-time patient status and trend for immediate medical response.​

Revolution in Patient Care​

CardioScale is revolutionizing patient care by predicting deterioration in patients, even when their vital signs are within normal range, which enables medical staffs to make informed decisions regarding intervention, and ultimately, save lives. 



CardioScale’s CVRI™ is a unique and advanced indicator that assesses patient’s hemodynamic state and trend to accurately projects its developing hemodynamic condition, without taking any invasive measures. ​

True Meaning Behind Vital signs
The technology behind CardioScale, CVRI™ (Cardio Vascular Reserve index), is an integrated multi-vital sign index, which provides a full and objective picture of the patient’s hemodynamic state and its trend. Measuring only takes seconds, it is simple, non-invasive, and can be performed at any point of care by anyone – no professional knowledge required.


CTTSC3 2017

Combating Terrorism Technology Start-Up Challange 2017

CardioScale Wins the Combating Terrorism Technology Start-Up Challange (CTTSC3). Presented by The US Department of Defense (CTTSO), Israel Department of Defense (MAFAT) and The MIT Enterprise Forum of Israel.

CTTSC3 2017 - CardioScale Wins Award



Surgeon General Headquarters, Medical Corps, Israel Defense Forces
Annals of Medicine and Surgery, January 2017

In 2015, the IDF’s Medical Corps performed a hemorrhage swine study in search of the ultimate deterioration predictor. CardioScale’s CVRI™ technology was tested amongst others. Results were astounding, exceeding all others, with 100% prediction of deterioration and a hit rate of 17 out of 17.

“CVRI™ is a promising potential predictive measure of hemorrhage-related hemodynamic deterioration.”​


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Ganei Tikva, Israel

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